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When you invest $2,500 to make extra $25,000+ per month,
that is a GOOD deal.

When you invest $5,000 to make extra $100,000+ per month,
that a GREAT deal.

When you invest $25,000 to make extra $500,000+ per month,
that is an AMAZING deal!

Invest on your SALES COPIES to
increase your response rate and maxmize your profit potential.

Vivian offers the following copywriting areas:

  • web copies: web page, email, autoresponder, e-newsletter, video script, ebook and more...

  • business-to-business (B2B) copies: case study, white paper, sales presentation and more...

  • financial market copies: direct email, video script, webinar, sales package and more...

  • travel and tourism copies: travel articles, reviews, sales promotional campaigns and more...

Vivian has completed the following programs:

  • AWAI Accelerated Copywriting

  • Website Audit

  • Master Copywriting

  • Financial Market Copywriting

  • Certified Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers (2015)

  • Member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Allicance (ITWPA)

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