Master Teacher & Holistic Healer

Dr. Vivian W. Lee (aka: Dr. Vi -- value & integrity) is
an Andromedan Female Starseed and a Lightworker whose


Dr. Vi has been practicing the
Ancient Arts of Crystal Pendulum Dowsing for many years.
She has a collection of 30+ crystal pendulums --
basic to exotic, gentle to powerful, and
different crystal gemstones for different energy vibrational frequencies.


She is a unique Master Teacher and Holistic Healer who has mastered
how to cleanse, purify, neutralize and energize all your energy levels based on
OCTAVES -- the REAL human energy system, 
10 Octaves as described by Walter Russell since 1921,

plus 2 NEW Octaves through Earth Ascension from 3D to 4D / 5D.



Dr. Vi's clients are from all over the world, including
US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Northern Ireland and more...


"Dr. Vivian did remote energy healing for myself, my wife and our two boys. She checked and found that we had quite a few negative entities and a lot of negative energy around us. She was able to remove these and also recommended crystals and essential oils that would provide protection and healing. We feel the energy in our home is a lot more positive and lighter. I had asked Dr. Vivian to do healing on my foot as I have experienced a lot of pain in it through the years. I can honestly say my foot has been pain free ever since.  Dr. Vivian is extremely knowledgeable in all things cosmic and spiritual. She was able to tell us which starseeds we all are and if we are incarnated or walk-in souls.  We feel we have grown spiritually a lot since receiving healing and guidance from Dr. Vivian; and, hopefully we are all ascending to higher consciousness."   T & B with kids from Northern Ireland


"I have used Dr. Vivian's services on multiple occasions. She has been a source of Divine Integrity & Intervention on a couple of family emergency situations that were of great concern. She did confirm that she was permitted to give counsel for the situation before giving advice. Her detached discernment and compassionate ability to relay the information was quite admirable and soothing. Her follow-up to the situations gave both me and my family great satifaction. This truly is her Divine Gift to be of service to HUMANITY. Thank you, Dr. Vivian!  With profound gratitude and love!"  MMB from USA


"I will forever be thankful Dr. Vivian!  It was after our first session that my guides confirmed my Arcturian origin! The minute we began I felt a CALM wash over me! It was nothing like I ever felt! I watched six of my guiding angels surrounding me as they helped clearing my crown chakra with a wash of violet flame! It became clear to me that I am guided and watched over at all times!  The veil between me and my guides was tore apart. I've been able to receive and intepret the messages fully.  I've never felt more connected to my star family. Thank you Dr. Vivian!"   William B from USA


"The healing that you worked on me was totally amazing. I feel sooo calm and happy when I woke up. And, it felt like a feather rotating in a circular motion in my left ear canal, it was going on for a while... and my head and body were tingling, and yet I had no idea that you were working on me while I was sleeping last night.  I really appreciate you taking the time and I am very grateful!!  Blessings for you!"  Brenda T from Canada


"I was recommended by a friend to speak to Dr. Vivian about my spiritual journey.  She was so loving and made me feel home.  I now know who I am and where my journey is going.  She reminded me of who I am... something I felt lost recently.  Even now, she will message me once in a while to check in on how I am doing, or if I feel any energy change that needs correcting. Thank you so much!"  Natalie B from UK


"During the remote healing and cleansing session with Dr. Vi, I immediately felt an energy of strength, calm and peace envelope my being.  She revealed to us our star families, cleared negative entity attachments and optimized our octaves energy.  She assisted me in firing my guiding angel because he wasn't so helpful and sent me 6 new guiding angels -- which I am so thankful for.  It has been 3 days since our session with Dr. Vi and in several occasions I have asked my new guiding angels for help and guidance on certain issues and I feel that they have brought about the highest, most positive outcome each time.  Additionally, as Dr. Vi cleared the negative energy in our home, a persistent negative situation came up to the surface, requiring us to come face-to-face with it, resolve it and heal.  It is definitely a spiritual journey and I am truly thankful to have Dr. Vi's powerful gift of healing and wisdom to give me strength and guidance along the way.  Much love and light!"  KN & family from Canada


Dr. Vi is offering three kinds of Spiritual Services through
Twitter -- @DrVivianLee
Messenger --
Telegram -- @DrVivianLee 

(Telegram is the preferred communication channel)



a) What does "Remote Energy Healing" session include?

  1. Check & remove Negative entities attachment
  2. Cleanse & purify all your energy layers
  3. Activate & optimize your energy potential
  4. Protect & shield your energy bodies
  5. Maximize your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies through OCTAVES, the Real Human Energy System

b) Who can benefit from "Remote Energy Healing"?

  1. yourself
  2. your spouse
  3. your children (babies, toddlers, young kids, teenagers)
  4. your parents / grandparents
  5. your living environment (home, cars, pets)

c) Why do you need a "Remote Energy Healing" session?

  • Suffering physical pain or trauma
  • Experiencing depression
  • Feeling uneasy or imbalance
  • Feeling emotionally drained or blockages
  • Feeling mentally exhausted
  • Seeking spiritual enlightening
  • Seeking new physical / emotional / mental / spiritual equilibrium


1st Session for ALL NEW CLIENTS, by Paypal Donation in any amount.

After 1st Session, it will be US$111 per session.



Dowsing is a form of Ancient Arts helping people to answer many cosmic and spiritual questions for centuries.

Ancient people would use dowsing to find water and lost items.  

You can ask questions related to:

  • yourself (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual status)
  • your family
  • your relationship
  • your career
  • your business
  • your outlook
  • your spiritual path


Minimum FIVE specific YES / NO questions at US$125 (= $25 per question).

Maximum TEN specific YES / NO questions at US$250 per month.


-- minimum 3 months, based on schedule availability

This HEALING service package includes 4X WEEKLY remotel healing service.

You will get all your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies checked and balanced for EQUILIBRIUM.

Dr. Vi will address your specific concerns or issues on a weekly basis.


Individual (1 person) at US$222 per month

Family (up to 6 people) at US$1,111 per month



  • All spiritual services are only available based on Dr. Vi's schedule availability each month.
  • Send a text message to Dr. Vi with your full name, city, country and specific concerns.
  • 1st time NEW clients may send a Paypal donation upon completion.
  • Repeat clients must send in service request.  Once it's accepted and approved, a Paypal invoice will be sent.
  • Clients must pay the invoice in full BEFORE the one-time / weekly / monthly service session begins.
  • All client communication will be through text messages, regardless of time zone and location. 
  • All chat messages older than 30 days will be deleted. 
  • All spiritual services are NON-refundable.  Thank you for your kind understanding.