If you are a quilter, you absolutely need to check it out. Add up all 4 sides of your quilt. I need to cut a total of seven 2 1/4″ wide strips to bind my quilt. Mar 26, 2017 - Binding your quilt is the LAST step in creating a quilt! I cut all of my bindings to a 2 1/2" strip width, which gives me enough to turn to the back and catch when finishing with a machine stitched binding. As an example, we'll start with a 60" by 72" quilt. Step 2: Sew the binding into a continuous length Before we get started, let's talk about binding width. You might never have starched or squared fabric before. So easy, in fact, you can finish it in an afternoon if you want to! It’s called the Quick and Easy Mitered Binding Tool by Sew Biz. (Make sure to save your scraps – you should be … Quick fold over binding - when backing becomes the binding too! I like to start attaching the binding about 3/4 of the way down the long side. You will be amazed at how quick this tutorial makes your quilting endeavors. Binding a quilt can be difficult; I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t my favorite step in the quilt making process. Now for the final step: binding your quilt. When I was planning my quilts, I searched and searched for a doable “finish” that I felt I could easily master. Before you attach the binding, square up your quilt. Add 5/8 yard fabric for separate binding. Begin attaching the binding approximately 6-10” away from one of the corners. Most quilts have a separate strip of binding that goes around the outside of the quilt. Ah, binding. Turn the quilt and fold the binding at the corner. Sew to quilt using ¼â€ seam allowance. ). Whether you are sewing it on entirely by machine or doing the second part by hand, you can follow these steps to create great binding. Find out how to sew binding on a quilt. Binding not only is an important component that makes a quilt useful and useable, it is also the last chance you have to make a design decision and impact the entire look of the quilt! If you are following a pattern, this was done for you, but I want to go over the math really quick. In case you want to know what I use, you can check that out here. Line up the raw edge of the binding to the raw edge of the quilt. Quick Easy Mitered-Binding Tool for binding (optional) See this post for more information. This is why I am always looking for variations on how to bind a quilt. How to Make Quick Bias Binding shows you a fast method for creating bias binding out of a striped fabric. Cut away any excess batting around the edges. So I thought it was about time that I created a simple tutorial illustrating how I bind my quilty projects with double fold binding that is machine stitched to the front of the quilt and hand stitched on the back. Therefore I will cut my strips at 2 1/4″ wide. Learn how to make bias binding with this quilt binding tutorial. The resulting bias binding will be cut in strips with diagonal edges that are e The first thing I want to cover in how to bind a quilt is how to calculate your fabric requirements for your quilt binding. Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 After completing the detailed process of sewing a quilt (see How to Make a Quilt) the last step is to bind the edges with fabric to give your quilt a “finished” look.This article details the process for making binding strips and using them to bind your quilt. I use a Ceramic Marking Pencil to mark my binding so I don't stitch too far on the corners and to line up the loose ends perfectly.Click Here to find this marking pencil. Real quick: if your already making quilt binding, chances are you have some basic quilting supplies. Now you’re ready to begin attaching the binding of your quilt. For my mini-quilt, I only needed about three per side, but for a throw-sized quilt, it takes about 100 clips to go all the way around the quilt. Follow your favorite continuous binding … Colour block quilt | Wit Konijn September 16th, 2013 . There are several ways to bind a quilt, and this is one of the FASTEST ways because there is … Most stitchers like to have a few go to quick sewing patterns in their back pockets to make as gifts. As mentioned above I like to use the backing fabric for the binding, it’s a bit of a cheat and the finish isn’t as clean as using proper binding, but at this point I usually just want to get it done quickly (in this case the baby was already two weeks old, so the gift was long overdue! Square up your fabric Most often, the fabric that you receive straight off the bolt from the fabric store is misaligned, so first you need to 'square up' your fabric. To work around the corner of the quilt with the binding, turn the quilt and fold the binding up and away from the edge you have been sewing. Check out these quilt binding basics from National Quilters Circle We also have an entire video category on bindings … Learn different binding methods. That last hurdle between you and a finished quilt. Fold the binding toward the back side of the quilt. Then, fold the strip down in the new direction you will be sewing so that the folded edge of the binding is even with the edge of the quilt. Pins or hair clips work well, too. There are several ways to bind a quilt, and this is one of the FASTEST ways because there is … The first… This creates the small flange you will be sewing on later. Quick Quilt Patterns Fortunately, this quilt … The video below will demonstrate how to sew binding on a quilt step by step. If you are severe … There are several ways to bind a quilt, and this is one of the FASTEST ways because there is … Nov 1, 2016 - Binding your quilt is the LAST step in creating a quilt! May 14, 2014 - Binding your quilt is the LAST step in creating a quilt! There are several ways to bind a quilt, and this is one of the FASTEST ways because there is … Measure your quilt along its top and along one side. Once your quilt is squared, measure all 4 sides and add them all together. So, I’ve rounded up 15 easy to make patterns to add to your line up. I like my binding to finish approximately 1/4″ on both front and back. Oct 31, 2012 - Binding your quilt is the LAST step in creating a quilt! Attach binding to back of quilt. Here at the store we are often asked how much binding is needed for a given project. Do a quick alignment around the rest of the quilt, without pinning, to make sure no seam allowances within the quilt binding will end up at a corner of the quilt, where seams would create too much bulk. Here I'll show you how to take the backing and fold it over the edge of the quilt to finish it. While some snowboarders do find traditional boot-binding systems to be overly-fiddly, simple step-in systems have drawbacks of their own. Quilt binding is something that I do for so many of my projects and something that I get asked about a lot. For lack of better term, I've chosen to call this technique "quick roll-over" binding. Align the raw edges of the quilt sandwich and the binding tape. I have recently discovered a great tool for making mitered binding. binding side. Quick Quilt Binding – Quilting Tutorials and Fabric Creations – Quilting in the Rain Quilting For Beginners Made Easy Quilting for beginners may be a a laugh hobby. Calculate Quilt Binding Length . It’s easiest to hold the binding fabric in place with Clover Wonder Clips. They might look complicated but I promise, they are simple. This Quick Quilt Binding Tutorial is going to show you how to take that final quilting step and take it in minutes. Jan 21, 2012 - Binding your quilt is the LAST step in creating a quilt! This week, I’ll show you an easy way to finish off any blanket or quilt with a binding tutorial. Quilts are created when pieces of fabric are cut and sewn together in a pattern and layered with additional padding for warmth. You can cut them wider and use a wider seam allowances if you prefer more of the binding to show. Start sewing 8-10 inches from the end of the binding. Ask for it at your local quilt shop or shop online.. It’s designed to use the backing fabric to wrap around to the front of your project and form a binding; rather than a separate piece of binding that is added the more traditional way. Aug 10, 2014 - Binding your quilt is the LAST step in creating a quilt! Get easy quilt binding … Last week, I shared an easy beginners quilt topper with you! Its final results is that a functional item is created that may be used inside the residence or given away as a gift. Making Your Quilt Binding. 5 Lay folded binding on the back of the quilt, flange side up. You can also add binding the traditional way. Step 6: Finish sewing the binding Click Here for Sewing Pattern. Leave an approximate 3-inch unpinned tail of quilt binding at the beginning, then pin several inches of binding to the quilt, moving toward its corner. This works best for small baby or doll quilts. This is an essential step to preparing your quilt binding because it reduces the stretch and movement of the fabric and makes it much easier to cut long straight strips. There are several ways to bind a quilt, and this is one of the FASTEST ways because there is … Our quilt binding tutorials will teach you straight-of-grain binding, bias binding, and French fold binding. Just try this method for joining quilt binding once, and I guarantee you won't look back! Add the two lengths together and multiply that figure by two. Of course, this technique requires that there be enough backing fabric (about an inch) to fold over to the front. Add 20" or so to the total to determine how much binding you'll need to surround the quilt if you plan to use continuous strips and miter the corners. There must be a name out there somewhere for this - please let me know! Sewing quilt binding may not be the most exciting part of making a quilt, but it is the icing on your beautiful cake – so it’s best to take the extra time and do it right. Finishing a quilt with binding isn’t a difficult thing to learn. They are all quick, easy to make and inexpensive. There are several ways to bind a quilt, and this is one of the FASTEST ways because there is … This part of the blog series is devoted to the most typical binding methods, the first 2 mentioned above. Step 1: Trim all of the fat quarters to 15″ x 18″. While looking through the Fall 2016 issue of Modern Patchwork , I came across a wonderful tutorial on French-fold binding, also called double-fold binding. For this quilt binding method we will attach the binding to the back of the quilt first. Luckily there's an easy way to figure for any project you may be doing. Don’t let these quilts fool you. 4 Fold pieced binding in half lengthwise; wrong sides together and press well.

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